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For some people, a home basement may be an afterthought, but at Dan Construction, we see basement renovations and basement finishing in London as an important part of our business.

Whether you have a large basement renovation project, or a small basement waterproofing issue, we’re here to offer expertise, and to deliver the results your home needs.

Offering basement contractors across London, we are dedicated to giving each client a bespoke basement renovation results, and ensuring that our basement finishing is something that will transform this sometimes forgotten space.

For some, it’s making a spare bedroom, for others, it’s creating a recreational space to escape to, but for us, it’s all letting our basement contractors make each and every basement renovation in London a truly great project, with all the right results.

Even if it’s just a basement waterproofing project, we guarantee that you will receive first class service, and peace of mind from our basement contractors and their experience. When it comes to basement renovation in London, we let our expertise guide you to your ideal basement renovation result.

It may be at the bottom of the house, but your basement renovations are at the top of our list.

Recreate The World Beneath your Feet and choose the Best Basement Contractors in London

When it comes to extending your property, basement renovation in London is a great way to achieve it. Every basement refurbishment in London is different, with results including wireless media rooms or stylish new bathroom suites, even wine cellars for that special vintage storage, the choice is always with our customer.

As basement contractors with experience across London, we know that people want to create a special space when their basement renovation begins. We are here to help people do just that, making the basement renovation in their London property deliver everything they want.

Our basement contractors in London are experienced in all kinds of projects, from new basements to basement conversion jobs. From basement waterproofing to basement finishing, our London clients are guaranteed results that deliver functional new spaces for living and storage, as well as structural strength too.

With industry experience that sets new standards, our basement renovation work in London offers bespoke, tailor made design, expert basement waterproofing, and everything you would expect from a trusted company. From the fit out phase to the completed basement renovation, London customers will see how our team of basement contractors does everything, keeping customers informed every step of the way.

Our project portfolio of basement renovation in London showcases how we transform spaces and offer basement finishing of the highest standard. Focusing on client ideas and utilising our industry expertise, our basement refurbishment work in London includes advice from in-house  architectural designers and structural engineers, ensuring a truly transformative basement renovation.

Basement Waterproofing by Basement Contractors London

At Dan Construction, we offer basement waterproofing for London properties that sets industry standards. As well as this, our basement contractors in London also do cellar and basement tanking. Depending on location and usage, our basement contractors in London do unique work for each property.

Daylight Basement

This kind of basement renovation work in London is done on properties located on a slope, where part of the floor is above ground with a door to the outside.

Our basement contractors across London have experience working on properties where part of the floor lower than the ground level is the true basement space, attached with ventilated windows to prevent damp.

Look-Out Basement

Where our basement contractors do work that is constructed even on a flat area where the basement walls extend above the ground level with the windows above grade.

Walk-Up Basement

This kind of basement renovation in London is done on properties where there is an exterior entrance through a stairwell with basement doors to prevent rainwater from accumulating it.

Fully Underground Cellar

Our basement contractors in London often work on these homes, where a room below ground level in a house is used for storing wine or household items. It has to remain at constant cooling with small forms of ventilation.

Underground Crawl Space

This type of basement is where no upright standing is possible, mainly used for storage and rat-proofing purposes

Basement Renovation, Basement Refurbishment: Why Go For One?

When the question of “why get a basement renovation in my London home?” is asked, the answer is that it’s a great option for many reasons. For some, loft conversions are not possible, so a basement renovation or basement refurbishment in many London homes is the best way to extend usable and livable space. Basement renovation is particularly valuable in London, with space at a premium and property not getting any cheaper, creating more room for your family can be priceless.

Using high end materials and innovative technology, our basement renovation work in London includes standard setting basement waterproofing, giving customers peace of mind. With our guidance and expertise, choosing a basement renovation or basement refurbishment allows you to use space for whatever you want or need, from a new kitchen space to an extra bedroom.

Our love of basement renovations in London is passed on to our customers, who are always satisfied with the options we discuss with them and the results our basement contractors deliver.

Our unique professional commitment to customers ensures that each of our basement renovation projects in London includes a structural engineer in charge, ensuring maximum safety and security on site, making us a truly trusted basement renovation company across London.

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Everything what you need is Basement Waterproofing & Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation London

From basement waterproofing in your London property, to a full basement renovation to transform the living space in your London home, our basement contractors are here to deliver the results you want.

It may be at the bottom of your house, but creating the basement renovation that you want is at the top of our priorities.

Whether you need some stylish basement finishing work, or even a complete excavation and basement refurbishment to add value to your London home, our basement contractors will work with you to determine the best way to achieve it.

Keeping the character of your current space in mind, be it modern or regency, Edwardian or Victorian, our basement contractors in London will deliver results that embrace natural light and maximum space, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

When it comes to basement renovation in London, your perfect design is our guide.


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Some facts about our Basement Contractors London


When it comes to basement renovation and waterproofing in London properties, we are the company to trust. Our years of industry experience ensure that our basement contractors across London work closely with clients to discuss logistics, building regulations, and all basement renovation issues. Each property can have different needs, from basement renovation and creation for new builds, basement renovation in older London buildings, or basement excavations for existing houses. Whatever your basement renovation needs in London, call us today, let’s get started.


In London, basement renovation has a long, often storied history over the years. Some homes feature sizeable and potential-filled underground spaces, and basement contractors in London are always happy to help fulfil this. With the re-emerging popularity of basme renovation and basement refurbishment in London properties, many homeowners always are in the market for basement contractors across London to help them maximise the often unused space. Our years of invaluable industry experience in basement renovation, basement finishing, and basement refurbishment in many London properties enables us to offer clients an approach to design and construction that is both efficient and trusted. With many reasons to get a basement renovation in London, whether a new property or an old one, the extra space and functionality can be truly transformative to your home.


Combining our passion for basement renovation in London with our years of industry expertise, we offer basement renovation work that is guranteed to deliver. Whether it’s a new basement creation or a basement renovation or refurbishment in your London property, doing the work successfully requires professional attention to each and every detail. Our ability to deliver basement renovation projects in London is helped by our focus on customising spaces to client specifications, and keeping them in the loop as we progress. At DCDAN, our basement renovation work in London combines our careful design and construction skills, offering bespoke solutions for your space. When it comes to basement renovation in London, your perfect design is our goal.

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FAQs for Basement Renovation & Refurbishment London

How can I maximise the use of the small space under my house?

When it comes to basement renovation in London, extending beyond the boundaries of your house, and an open excavation into the garden can create a larger basement. For basement contractors in London, conversions within the existing boundaries are preferable, but getting approval for an extended boundary is always necessary.

How long would a typical basement renovation take to complete?

Basement construction work in London can take a number of weeks and depends on basement sizes. For any basement renovation, time is needed for completion of underpinning, excavating and ensuring the area is watertight. These are big changes to a home, so let our basement contractors make your London home your dream property.

We live in a terrace house. Can we do a basement renovation?

Yes but basement construction work should be consulted on with neighbours, especially as terraced houses include party walls, or walls that are shared between you and your neighbours. Before you do any work you must have the consent of your neighbours.

How can I get adequate light into my basement?

For basement  renovations in London that open onto a garden, installing floor to ceiling sliding or bi-fold doors can let in natural light. If your basement is surrounded by soil,our basement contractors in London can install solar tubes to channel natural light into the room.

Our basement refurbishment work in London often includes open plan basements with fewer dividing walls, which aid the flow of natural light throughout the space. For a light filled basement construction at your London home, select a light colour palette when painting and decorating, and/or a large mirror to reflect light.

Do I need basement waterproof ?

Basement waterproofing in London properties is below ground level work, so water will naturally enter a building through the walls. Our basement contractors in London will waterproof the basement by sealing the walls using a surface coating. In basement construction work, this is known as ‘tanking’. This basement waterproofing in London properties doesn’t remove water, it creates a barrier between the wall and the water. Our basement contractors in London will get that done for you.

How can I ventilate my basement to prevent a build up of mould?

For all basement construction projects in London, ventilation is a critical factor. Using natural ventilation by installing windows that can open and close, allow our basement contractors in London to create cross-ventilation.

With a professionally done basement construction in London, mechanical ventilation can be achieved through the installation of an exhaust fan to remove moisture and pollutants from the air, equipment often equipped with a humidity sensor to activate the fan when moisture is detected. Our basement contractors in London can ensure the fan is vented to the outside of your building.

What makes our Basement Waterproofing, Basement Renovation & Basement Finishing unique?

basement renovation london

With so many basement renovation projects being done in London, you need a company that offers a unique service and reliable results. That’s what Dan Construction guarantees for all our basement renovation work in London.

Our years of industry experience has shown us that our unique approach to basement renovation projects in London, putting customers first and making high quality results a guarantee, is what makes us the company we are today.

From basement waterproofing in older London buildings to a modernizing basement refurbishment in London homes in need of an upgrade, we never compromise on quality.

Another part of our unique approach is ensuring that each of our basement contractors in London works closely with customers before a project starts, outlining what is required and using the client requirements as our focus. We have many customers who want basement renovation work in London, and we know that this foundation of any house is important for both structure and style.

As well as the industry leading standards our basement contractors in London set, our unique processes ensure that our work is done on time and on budget.

Whatever your basement construction needs in London, let Dan Contruction’s unique basement renovation service get the job done.

Basement Renovation Process by Best Basement Contractors in London

Remove Old Materials

With some of our basement renovation work in London, we start with old basement finishing systems that the homeowner would like removed before the work begins. From drywall to wood, linoleum flooring to other floorings, we do basement waterproofing to change these materials which are notorious for growing mold. For customers who want basement finishing in their London home because of damage done by old materials, we will get it done.

Windows, Wells, & Staircases Installation

When our basement contractors in London are certain that your basement is clear, they will start work on fixed structures such as windows and staircases. Our basement refurbishment projects in London start by getting the basement stairs ready for finishing, making them ready to accept the basement walls when our basement contractors install them. For basement renovations in London where basement windows, egress windows, or basement window wells are included, our basement contractors will install these first.

Wall System & Doors Installation

For basement waterproofing and basement proofing work in London starts with the fire blocking. All our basement wall systems have a Class A fire rating, giving peace of mind to all our customers. Our basement refurbishment in London then moves on to customizing our walls to work with the windows and create wire channels for electrical outlets and light switches. After this is completed, our basement finishing in London homes concludes with finished basement doors being installed on the closets and between rooms. Our basement contractors in London suggest that a clean installation is best achieved by either cutting our basement wall systems outdoors, or cutting them indoors with a vacuum and saw combination.

Drop Ceiling & Lighting Installation

When it comes to the drop ceiling and lighting installation part of our basement renovation work in London, our first job is to box out the girders and beams to accept our wireframes, and to plan your basement ceiling to work around vents and obstacles.

Our basement contractors in London like to install the crown molding for our ceiling tiles before actually hanging the dropped ceiling. Lastly, before installing the tiles themselves, we make sure all basement lighting is in place.*Our basement ceiling tiles include a 30-year warranty against sagging and mold, so you can count on them to stay beautiful for a very long time.

Place Flooring & Underlayment

With our basement renovation projects in London, we sweep and install finished floors once the walls and ceilings are installed. Our basement finishing in London properties offers flooring options that are installed without grout or adhesives and are ready to use the minute they're installed. If you have an uneven floor, we will often use a one-mil underlayment, to help dampen any noise.

Add Trim & Finishing Touches

With basement waterproofing and basement renovation in London, we believe in attention to detail and finishing touches that matter. Our multiple base trim options for doors and walls, and our shelving and other options can make all the difference to how the basement renovation in your London home looks.

The Cleanup

At Dan Construction, we believe that our basement renovation work in London is never complete to be signed off until your place is spotlessly clean. Making sure things are as good as new is part of our promise when our basement contractors do your London project, just like your personal preferences. Contact us today.

Basement conversions, basement renovation & basement refurbishment London

When it comes to basement renovation in London homes, people use them for many reasons. From creating family living spaces to installing a home cinema or playroom for children, our basement contractors in London have encountered them all.

Other basement refurbishment work in London is done to add kitchen space or even an extra en-suite bedroom. Whether it’s a stylish and sleek entertainment space or a more practical utility area, basement renovation work in London homes offer a range of options and opportunities for homeowners to expand and improve, valuable with space in London at a premium.

Our basement contractors in London also have experience in creating basement spaces that have an external entrance, allowing the excellent option of a self-contained living unit or space to rent out. Whatever you may need extra space for, basement conversion or revocation at your London home can provide a cost effective solution.

London has a large number of older, often Victorian or Edwardian properties with timber-suspended floors, which are excellent when it comes to basement renovation work in your London home where work can be done to excavate to extend existing cellar spaces.

To enjoy our free consultation and quote, contact Dan Construction for all your basement waterproofing, basement renovation, or basement refurbishment work in London.

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